About laboratory

Laboratory №17 "Automated queuing systems" performs complex of fundamental and applied research on issues of open interactive queuing systems with modern multimedia and voice interface technologies.

Studies conducted in support of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Laboratory № 17 ICS RAS has received wide recognition for his work in the field of contactless remote control systems and automated queuing systems (AQS). AQS concept was introduced into scientific lexicon in the mid 60s of last century in connection with the work of the laboratory 17 IPU RAN and later became common. A brilliant representative of ASMO began ticketing system "Sirena." 

Currently, scientific laboratories and practical work aimed at increasing transparency in the ASMO as part of the developmentof structures of systems based on standards and by creating newkinds of human-machine interfaces based on voice andmultimodal technologies.

Download laboratory brochure describing the main areas of activity and current projects.

Our projects


The aim of our new project is to make communication with deaf and hard of hearing people easier and more affordable.


The project was implemented innovative ideas that later became cornerstones of AQS of different purposes.

Speech trainer

The web application is designed to teach the correct pronunciation of Russian language's sounds.


We present web-application for calculation of queueing systems. You can try it by this link.

Speech recognition

Using speech recognition systems in a variety of applications.

Sequence assembly

Study algorithms of combining a large number of short DNA fragments (Reed), obtained in the process of sequencing.